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Welcome to the goth_lj_sales

This community is for LJ sellers and Ebay sellers to promote alternative items/clothing, second hand, new and DIY items.

  • Your items have to be alternative (goth/punk/lolita/kawaii/fetish ETC)
  • You must be a member to post updates
  • Buyers, please don't tell a seller you're going to purchase their product if you might not be able to, unless you let them know beforehand.
  • Don't over promote the one item (only once per every couple of days max)
  • If you're posting alot of pictures that aren't in a collage, please put the majority of them behind a LJ cut. EXAMPLE BELOW:

I am the mod suicide_lollies anymore questions about rules or anything, just comment on one of my posts or my personal journal.

A universal currency converter

If you link us, we'll link you. So email me at suicide_lollies(at)hotmail(dot)com if you want to be an affiliate!